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  1. Design patents can protect your UX/UI.

The fastest growing segment of design patent filings is in the UX/UI space. If you’re serious about protecting your video game and your user experience, you need to think carefully about protecting all its original aspects. It should be no surprise that the top UX/UI design patent filers are Samsung, Microsoft, and Apple. These technology leaders are being directed by the best attorneys in the world to file design patents to protect their rights.

Build value in your video game and in your company by creating a unique user experience that no one can copy.

  1. Utility patents can protect your video game mechanics.

Although the Supreme Court in 2014 issued a decision (Alice v. CLS Bank) that made it much more difficult to get utility patents for software, video game mechanics can still be patented. If during the development of your video game you have come up with a brand-new video game mechanic that you don’t want your competitors to have access to, consider expanding your intellectual property portfolio to include one or more patents.

  1. A robust intellectual property portfolio increases the value of your company.

Intellectual property increases the value of your company. Period. End stop. To any potential buyer looking at two identical companies, the company that has its assets protected through a combination of registered copyrights, registered trademarks, and a portfolio of patents will be valued more highly than the company with nothing to show for its efforts.

This is a no brainer. Invest early in your intellectual property so you can reap the benefits sooner.